Well, this is really the first blog I’ve ever really visited more than once. I love blogging but the only problem is getting people to listen to my pointless rants. I’m 14 so I guess I’ll be giving more detail into a teenage life..You know, family, friends, friendships…All that hurrah.
I like spreading my happiness when I’m happy.

I’ll be mostly talking about music and really all things creative. 🙂 I’m learning piano so maybe some sheet music too! 🙂
I don’t usually go to school..Long story.

I’m not really sure what this blog is going to be about but as soon as I get into the rhythm of it I’ll tell you.

I like to sing and act. I aspire to be a singer when I’m older. The people who inspire me are probably the whole cast of Twilight..Yes, I am a twi-hard. So, I might post some twilight news sometimes.

I’m not like most teenagers I’ve come to realize. I look in-depth at everything. Which can be a bad thing sometimes.

Oh and did I mention that I am bipolar? Well, yeah I am..Haha. I found out when I was twelve. Most people don’t know what it is..Which surprises me because even I knew what it meant when I was twelve before I was diagnosed.

I have a cool but dysfunctional family. Nearly everyone of us has a mental disorder. Haha. Well that’s what I think but what would I know? To all the adults I’m nothing but a dramatic teenager…So, yeah. this is my blog. Have fun reading every piece of juicy gossip I have.


Clare xx


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